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Iranian Delegates meet Pope Benedict XVI

The 8th Interfaith Dialogue Between Islam and Christianity in Italy

Iranian delegates participated with the Christians in Rome in the 8th Interfaith Dialogue of Islam and Christianity with the theme "Justice in Islam and Christianity" in Vatican from the 12th to the 18th of November 2012, organized by the Vaticans Papal Council Committee.  Dr. Mohammad Baghir Khorramshad,  the Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations who led the delegation, met with Pope Benedict XVI, the leader of the Catholic World.

Dr. Khorramshad conveyed the warm greetings of the Islamic authorities to His Eminence and expressed the necessity of having such mission in an intellectual and spiritual atmosphere. Dr. Khorramshad also mentioned that excessiveness, rudeness and blasphemy against religions are the immoderations of todays materialistic world.  He mentioned that religious societies and believers have the duty to defend religion from the vast invasion of the secular among the laity. His Eminence, Pope Benedict XVI, in response rendered his happiness to meet the Iranian delegates composed of Islamic scholars.  He prayed for the Iranian nation and expressed that dialogue among the followers of religions is important and essential, and asked for the continuation of dialogues between leaders of religions.  At the end of the meeting, a token was presented to His Eminence Pope Benedict XVI by the head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.

Dr. Khoramshad also met with Professor Carlos Nani, President of PAPI Salesiana University, an affiliated university to the Vatican, and visited its different departments.  Professor Nani also expressed his happiness to see the Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and introduced to him the different scientific and cultural activities done by the university.  He said that the cultural week of the Islamic Republic of Iran which would include Quranic calligraphy, exhibition of artifacts and screening of Iranian movies is warmly welcomed by the students. Dr. Khorramshad, in his visit to the university, said that the university is the venue to gain science and knowledge, and expressed his gratitude to be invited to such an important and credible university. He also described the different activities of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) and mentioned its readiness to have cooperation with the university.


The Head of ICRO also made a lecture and described the various dimensions of justice as ethical justice, economical justice and political justice. Other speakers included Dr. Damien Howard from Great Britain, who gave a lecture entitled "Justice from the Point of View of Catholic and Social Doctrines of the Church," Mr. Mohammad Reza Dehshiry, Deputy Head of ICRO in Research who lectured on "Interaction of Justice from the Point of View of Islam in Five Categories." There were also continued discussions among Shia and Catholic scholars. Different questions were also asked by the audience from Dr. Howard and Dr. Dehshiry.  Hojatoleslam walmuslemin Abdul Hosssein Khosrow Panah, Head of Wisdom and Philosophy Society of Iran, in his paper entitled "The Essence of Justice from the Islamic Viewpoint" mentioned some important facts.

The second day of the session started off with a lecture from Mr. Emad Afrook entitled "The Presumption  and Theoretical Viewpoint about Social Justice," this was followed by the lecture of a priest from Rome, Marcelo Sanches Sorrando,  "Due to Power , Is Social Justice Possible?"

Mrs. Seyedeh Mojgan Sakhaei also gave a lecture. Iranian delegates in the said meeting were composed of Dr. Khorramshad, Dr. Mustafa Borojerdi, Dean of Faculty of International Relations, Dr. Dehshiry, Deputy  Head of ICRO in Research , university professor Dr. Afrogh, Dr. Helmi, Head of the Center of Interfaith Dialogue, university professor Dr. Sakhaei, Dr. KhosrowPanah, Head of Wisdom and Philosophy Society, Hon. Qorban Ali Pormrjan, Cultural Counselor of Iran in Italy and Hon. Mohsen Borhani, Charge d Affaires of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Vatican.


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