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An introduction to the Center for Interreligious

Dialogue & Civilization (CID)

The Center for Interreligious Dialogue & Civilization (CID), affiliated to the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations, is the only official institution in the Islamic Republic of Iran that for about two decades has been active in holding philosophical, legal, social, political and cultural dialogue with regional and international religious figures and institutions as well as with religious minorities inside and outside the country. The Center has been fostering constructive understanding and interaction between religious leaders and thinkers on international level and has been preparing the grounds for peaceful coexistence between the followers of religions, particularly religious minorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Holding bilateral and multilateral religious dialogues has been among the main programs of the Center for Interreligious Dialogue. Thus far the center has held more than 60 religious dialogues with other religious centers in the world, including the Vatican Catholic Church, the Russian Orthodox Church, World Council of Churches, the Council of Swiss and Philippines Bishops' Conferences, as well as religious mi¬norities in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Holding international sessions, exchange of religious delegations, participation in the international sessions and congresses are among other activities of the Center.



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