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 Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Taskhiri

Was born in1959. In 1971 he finished the preliminary seminary subjects in the school of great Ayatollah Golpayegani in the holy city of Qom. Then he continued his education in the blessed school of Razaviyeh and after finishing Sath subjects and lessons, he started teaching them. He studied Bahs-e-kharej subjects and lessons before great Ayatollahs like ‘Mirza Javad Tabrizi', ‘Vahid Khorasani', ‘Naser Makarem Shirazi', ‘Mahmud Hashemi' and etc. In 1978 (solar calendar), Dr. Taskhiri achieved the high levels of seminary and seminary Ph.D. He also has got a Ph.D. in ‘Islamic contemporary thought' form International Azad (free) Islamic Civilization University of Beirut.


Preparation and compiling of books with the (Arabic) titles of: ‘taharatol ketabi','Rejalaatol Taghrib', ‘Derasaat Fel Hezar Aleslamiya' and ‘Taghribol Mazaheb va Tohid olmavafegh' and some other books that are not published yet such as : ‘Dor alshabab almoslem Fi elmojtamaa' and ‘Dor almera almosleme Fe lmojtama'. He also presented many scientific articles in different conferences in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Indonesia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India, England, France, Germany, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Uganda, Etupia, Thailand, Belarus, Senegal and ... and a remarkable number of them were published in Arabic scientific journals.

Scientific and Cultural Activities:

Dr. Taskhiri is the head editor of the scientific- advertising magazine of Resalatol Taghrib from 2002. This magazine follows the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thoughts.
He has a background of teaching from 1983 in Chamran University of Ahvaz, Qom Religions and Denominations University from 1385, Islamic Azad University of Lebanon (from 2000 to 2001), Pasdaran Science and Technical University (from 2004 to 2005), Tehran Islamic Schools of thoughts and Denominations University (from 2009-2011), Qom Religions and Denominations University (from 2011-2012) in the fields of theology, morality, political sciences, the culture of proximity of Islamic contemporary thoughts.


• His responsibilities after the victory of the Islamic Republic are as follows:
• Co supervisor of publishing house of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in 2002
• Cultural advisor of Islamic Republic of Iran in Lebanon from 1997 to 2001
• His remarkable activities in this period are:
• Reopening of the Farsi language and literature center of Lebanon University
• Republishing of the magazine of Alderasatel Adabiye that belongs to the Farsi language department of Lebanon University
• Establishing of Lebanese alumni of Iran's universities
• Assisting for completion the publication of the largest Shia encyclopedia compiled by Hassan Alamin
• Communicating with universities of Shiraz, Ferdowsi Mashhad from Lebanon Universities and having contracts for exchange of experiences and documents
• General Manager of Arabic-Africa department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization from 1995 to 1996
• Ahl Al-Bayt World Assembly- Lebanon, Syria and Jordan from 1993-1995
• Representative of Islamic Advertising Organization- Lebanon from 1993-1995
• General Director of Feghh Jafari (Jafari Jurisprudence) encyclopedia institute under the supervision of Ayatollah Mahmud Shahrudi from 1990-1991
• Press advisor of the general director of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thoughts from 2002
• General Director of Taghrib news agency from 2006
• Editor of scientific and advertising magazine of Resalatel Taghrib from 2002
• Scientific board of Islamic Unity Conference from 2005
• A member of the general assembly of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thoughts from 2006
• A member of directing board of Boshra religion-researching cultural Institution from 2007 up to now
• A member of Islamic world scholars union from 2010 up to now
• A member of social health and health determining elements department of Medical Sciences Academy from 2012
• Deputy of the dean Osul Aldin University (of late scholar Asgari)
• Director General International Center for Interreligious Dialogue (CID) from 2016 up to now




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