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The first round of inter-religious dialogue between Islam and Hinduism in Delilah/3

Hujjat al-Islam Val-Moslemin Mohsen Qomi: Lost spirituality of human is in the universe

Deputy of International Relations of the Supreme Leaders Office said in the first round of inter-religious dialogue between Islam and Hinduism in Delilah: the lost spirituality of human is in the universe, which does not identify time and place.

According to the Public Relations Office of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), The first round of inter-religious dialogue between Islam and Hinduism with the title of "Spirituality in Islam and Hinduism" has been started on 25th of October at the International Center of India, with the presence of Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkman, head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Hujjat al-Islam Val-Moslemin Mohsen Qomi, deputy of International Relations of the Supreme Leaders Office, Hassan Bokhari, head of the Cultural Heritage Society, Hujjat al-Islam Shamsollah Mariji, head of Research Center of Baqir Ul-Uloom, Hamid Parsania, Member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, Gholamreza Ansari, ambassador, Ali Dehgahi, the Iranian cultural advisor in New Delhi, the director of the Indian International Center, cultural and religious personalities, Iranian and Indian thinkers.

Hujjat al-Islam Val-Moslemin Mohsen Qomi, deputy of International Relations of the Supreme Leaders Office, said in his speech with the title "Spirituality, the common requirement of contemporary human": Iran and India are two major centers of global civilization and have tried in the worlds cultural architecture and doctrine together. At present, followers of Islam and Hinduism are more than a third of the planets population. Todays dialogue can also be the following of the previous tradition and the attempt to improve the world. India with all its ethnic and cultural diversities and Iran as a representative of civilizational and cultural achievements of the Islamic world have considered.

The triple reasons need for spirituality

Qomi also emphasized that in dialogue, the first step is to find similarities, and the most obvious similarities of all the religions are "spirituality". He continued: "the lost spirituality of human is in the universe, which does not identify time and place." Paying attention to spirituality and its components, though is a human need, but contemporary humans are in a situation that needs spirituality more than any other time, and this need has many various reasons.

Deputy of International Relations of the Supreme Leaders Office said: The first reason is the absurdity feeling due to the domination of materialism and materialism, which in turn challenges the question of why and how to live with serious challenges. For example, the main reason for suicides, especially among Youth, which they expressed their motivation to commit a suicide in one sentence: "Life means nothing for us". To cope with this issue, the UNICEF World Organization has developed the educational dimensions of children from global-rational- emotional education to spiritual education, and also spiritual clinics along with medical and psychiatric clinics are active to treat these patients in some European and global countries.

He continued: due to the feeling of loneliness in spite of living with the family, friends, and colleagues, they feel alone in the deepest sense because no one knows them and understands their depression and if they understand, they cannot support them. Technological advances have removed spatial and temporal distances, but remarkably enhanced the alienation of the hearts.

A member of the Assembly of Experts added: "The third reason is that because of the feeling of anxiety and insecurity, especially with regard to the expending of violent and terrorist acts, and the quantitative and qualitative development of weapons of mass destruction, which are mostly available to individuals and rulers who have fewer supreme human values. However, human under the current conditions suffer from a variety of issues, such as contagious diseases, climate change, food shortages and unexpected events, but what is more and more painful is the lack of spirituality.

Acknowledge of thinkers to the deterioration of secularism

Qomi said: On this basis, although some of the sociologists of the world, such as Max Weber, have emphasized that spirituality has been forgotten, and modernity has opened all secrets of the universe, but these irrefutable facts and the growing of contemporary human beings into the unseen world, and spirituality has led other scholars talked about the decline of secularism rather than the decline of spirituality. Although popular belief is that the world of politics and culture and society would gradually disappear from spirituality, and even individual human life arenas also will finish such teachings.

however, the events of the last decades of the twentieth century and the rise of religiosity led to the belief in the unseen world is considered to be the essential requirements of human life, in such a way that not only the true faith in spirituality but also the false beliefs and false Mysticisms, also became opportunity to emerge.

Spirituality components, inner world, and the universal truth

Subsequently, he states that spirituality means the inner world and the reality of being has various components, and he describes some of these components as follows: First component: the universe is beyond the material world and the supernatural is much wider than the small universe of nature. This does not mean that in the universe there is a line in the meridian line or the equatorial line between nature and supernatural, but it means that every phenomenon in this world has two apparent and spiritual faces, and according to the Islamic texts, all the heavens and the land has mysterious and unseen aspects, and they express the meaning beyond their appearance.

He continued the second component: "The truth of the universe has an amazing arrangement while it is flexible, and in no way in the material world and meaning, there are no conflicts, and the universe is moving toward its ultimate goal, and as a result, human must reveal the meaning and reality of being and the meaning of ones life and discover it in different ways and rely on its own actions on the truth, and not every human being creates this meaning for himself. The spirituality of the world is exploratory, not creature.

Qomi also stated the third component; spirituality is that man has two dimensions of body and soul; however, the true existence of man is a soul, which, the human body can also have sanctity, because of its dependency on his soul. In the statement of the fourth component said: the real and substantial part of human being meaning the soul is in the reality of the world, and thus possesses inherent and immortal sanctity, and, if utilized by correct beliefs and valuable human tendencies, can move from the material world and reside in the supernatural universe.

The superior human capacity for spirituality

The representative of the people of Tehran in the Assembly of Experts of the Leaders continued: "I strongly believe that Islam and Hinduism, despite some differences in the foundations and approaches, have the inherent capacity to attract human attention to spirituality, and can play an important role to solve many problems of human beings. He also said: the Quranic teachings have considered that the universe is sacred, which its shadow is wide-spread on all phenomena and all the human beings in this complex worship, and everything is in the path of sympathy with the creation system. Based on this, conservation of the environment, or animals rights, not just the necessity for survival, but is a religious duty to the creatures, which is the manifestation of God.

Qomi also said that humans have a special capacity on this path. God created him with his two hands. He has divine spirit and the Gods successor on the universe, and eventually is the heir of the earth. He must build his worldly life and the afterlife with his acting and ethics, and avoid to only pay attention to this world or another world. The great relations between the Quran and the Upanishads, which, according to the great scholar of Shia Allameh Tabatabai, many aspects of them are accompanied by the pure Quranic, will provide the opportunity for this cooperation more than ever. As the initial acquaintance of Europeans through its Persian translation, it will further provide the opportunity for common cooperation in the future.

According to the news, this round of religious has started for two days from 25th of October in the International Indian center with the efforts of Cultural Advisor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Delhi, in cooperation with the Indian Philosophical Research Council, interreligious dialogue center of Islamic Culture and relations Organizations and the Indian Foundation.


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